Norbert Schmacke

Having a good time with health scientist Dr. Norbert Schmacke and Globulis


Schrebergarten im Miniaturwunderland

Tina Hildebrandt

60 Seconds with DIE ZEIT Journalist Tina Hildebrandt

Marc Brandenburg

120 seconds with Berlin artist Marc Brandenburg for Brasilia Magazin

Anthony Shelton

Dr. Anthony Alan Shelton, Director and Professor of Anthropology at UBC Museum of Anthropology


Travel Reportage in Riga

Hall 21

Story about the new Refugee Camp in the Exhibition Hall 21 in the Hannover Fair

Thomas Fischer

60 seconds with Thomas Fischer, a German legal scholar and judge at the Federal High Court in Germany. He stands before the second criminal division.

Olivier Adam

240 seconds with French author and screenwriter Olivier Adam.

Editorial for Spiegel Wissen

The future of work. Done together with Maria Feck

Klaus Zeyringer

120 Seconds with Austrian Author Dr. phil. Klaus Zeyringer

Staatsschauspiel Hannover : Lars-Ole Walburg

Dramaturge and Theater director Lars-Ole Walburg. Intendant of Schauspiel Hannover

Editorial for SPIEGEL WISSEN

Story about Self supporter community "7 Linden" in Germany

Rot Weiss Essen

Editorial for Spiegel

Real Milk

Editorial Essay for Spiegel Wissen about the daily life real Milk Farmers in Germany. These pictures show Farmers who work in a legal environment.

Hardy Krüger

Berlin born Actor Hardy Krüger photographed for Hannover City Hall while signing the golden book of the city of Hannover. Known for international films like The Flight of the Phoenix or Barry Lyndon the actor is currently making a campaign against Right wing Violence.

Provisional Arrangement

A series about temporality